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I'm not kidding! This is a fact!  And it's not a cheap addiction!


If you're one of those people who "sticks" to mushing (or it sticks to you), you can anticipate changing your entire lifestyle. Yes, I know, you're only going to have a couple of dogs for fun. So don't blame me if a few years down the road you've moved three times for more space, have twenty dogs in your yard and you're trying to figure out how to quit working so you can devote more time to training dogs.


Except for those few born into "doggy" families, we've all gone down this road.  It all seems so innocent to begin with but before you know it your life becomes "dog centered."  You will always need just "one more" dog (probably a very expensive leader); a newer sled (one of the high tech ones); a few more harnesses (that new style, ya know)  a few more pans and houses, chain, snaps, lines, food, food, food...and don't forget a nice little used ATV (which just happens to need an engine overhaul and new tires).


My advice is don't do it!  Don't get that first sled dog!  Even if you are blessed with a family who encourages you, they will change their minds in a few years when you no longer appear at family gatherings because you have one dog thing or another to attend to. Worse yet, they stop inviting you because all you do is talk about your dogs! (Yes this happens to me allot!)


Consider yourself warned!


Now that you've been warned, I must tell you that I've thoroughly enjoyed every minute of my 20+ years with sled dogs.  It's a marvelous sport with wonderful people...and best of all, the dogs. They are magnificent creatures that you will come to love and respect for their honesty, commitment, heart, unconditional trust and love, and unwavering loyalty.  They will teach you things you cannot learn any other way except by living in the company of dogs.

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