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Siberian Husky Pro's and Con's


Please read this to decide whether a Siberian husky is right for you. Please Do not purchase a Siberian husky just because you are enchanted  by their look while wonderful companions they do have faults. Any breeder would be irresponsible not to tell you about them.




1. Friendly with people of all ages.

2.They do not require as much food for their size as many other breeds.

3. He has no guarding instinct and will greet and kiss an intruder the same as any other visitor.

4. He loves company.

5. Youthful in outlook, he often reaches 14 years of age, sometimes 16 or more.

6. Robust & athletic.

7. Good travelers, new sights and sounds do not upset them.

8. Intelligent and mischievous.

9. Easygoing and forgiving.

10. Clean, little or no doggy smell. Some people allergic to dogs can tolerate Siberian Husky fur.

11. Easy to groom.

12. Quiet. They do not often bark, but they do howl like a wolf- often just for the joy of it. This may be a disadvantage in some neighborhoods.

13. Get on well with other well adjusted canines. However they will take up a challenge if offered.




1. Not a one-man dog, any human will do- this may be seen as a lack of loyalty.

2. He will not guard your home or property.

3. Strong desire to run. If he gets free he probably will run so far that he may be lost, if not hit by a car or train, or shot by a farmer.

4. Cannot be relied on to return to you on command. He will decide whether or not to return for himself, knowing that you cannot catch him.

5. Sheds heavily twice a year.

6. Keen and efficient hunter and killer. Cannot be trusted with non-canine pets or livestock that it has not been raised with.

7. Must be exercised to keep him fit and contented, but this must be done ON lead. Daily exercise is a MUST for a Siberian Husky.

8. Can be very destructive, especially when young and/or bored and not exercised enough.

9. Needs company, either human or canine, and is miserable without it. This means, you can not just tie a Siberian Husky up outside.

10. Needs a safely enclosed exercise area. Your garden must be fully fenced and secure. Six foot high fencing USUALLY enough. Check neighbors will not object to high fences. Take care he cannot dig his way out beneath it, and do not leave bins etc. near the fence or he may use them to get over the top. Keep the garden gate locked, otherwise there is a risk that visitors, window cleaners etc. may leave them open.

11. He needs correct feeding (as can have intestinal sensitivity) - your breeder will be able to tell you which foods suit Sibes and which can cause problems.

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