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Lifetime Health and Temperament Guarantee

If any terms in this contract are concerning to you please feel free to discuss with me, I make no

promises but sometimes I can make changes or amendments depending on issue. 



100% Satisfaction Guarantee: For any reason within 5 days, buyer may return puppy and all paperwork to the seller for a replacement or a 50% refund of the purchase price. 


10 Day Health Guarantee: Seller guarantees puppy to be healthy for a period of ten days from date of purchase. Puppy will come with a current health certificate. If within these first ten days, puppy is found to be unhealthy by a licensed veterinarian: Buyer may return for a full refund or replacement. Seller must be notified within 48 hrs. of any illness or concerns whatsoever.


Disclosure: This guarantee does not apply to internal parasites such as giardiasis, coccidiosis, or worms. Breeder makes every effort that puppy is healthy however, they are taken away from everything they know and that is stressful, most puppies have the potential to break with these when stressed. Buyers should have the puppy checked within 7 days of purchase and if puppy is positive, buyer will have it treated. The buyer understands this is part of having a puppy and that the seller will not cover this cost.


Lifetime Health Guarantee: The seller guarantees that dog will not be an affected for DNA results or have disabling health issues (unable to live a normal life) for 2-years however, if supplemented with NuVet vitamins daily seller will extend to a lifetime guarantee for hips, elbows, patella, PRA, DM cardio and a 5-year head to tail guarantee against all other defects including eyes. The vitamins must be ordered under code # 80134 for tracking purposes. No Substitutions! Order at 1-800-474-7044 or Using Breeder code # 80134.


Temperament Guarantee: If dog is found to be unsuitable around people the buyer agrees to return dog, and registration papers along with a written statement with “reason for return.” for a replacement dog. The guarantee is null and void if buyer did not take the time to train dog to be well- mannered, teaching at least how to walk on a loose lead, sit, down, stay, come and not to jump on people however we will accept return of dog with no replacement given. The breeder does not guarantee that dogs will be good with other animals as each situation is different.

Buyers Requirements

Buyer agrees this puppy is adopted under AKC “limited” registration and buyer agrees that any/all breeding is prohibited. 


The buyer agrees to have a health checkup within 7 days of purchase by a licensed veterinarian.

Buyer agrees to have this dog spayed/neutered and send proof back to breeder.

If for any reason the buyer decides not to keep the dog, they will return it to the seller or if distance is an issue, then buyer must provide seller with proof that said dog is spayed or neutered prior to replacing. The buyer agrees this dog will not be released to an animal shelter, humane society, or rescue group or to any research institution. 

Terms for Agreement


At any time, if a said dog is diagnosed with any health issue, the breeder must be notified within 48 hours. The buyer agrees the veterinarian must state in writing that the defect is of a hereditary or congenital nature and not caused by injury, illness or old age and is disabling (unable to live a normal life) or requires euthanasia.


The buyer agrees to have all diagnosis verified by a specialist in that field and buyer agrees to have those results submitted to the OFA for verification. 


Medical Treatments/Expenses: Buyer assumes all financial responsibility for dog once it is picked up from seller. 

Restitution: In the event of a health or temperament issue, Seller will provide either a replacement of equal or lesser value or a refund of the original purchase price. With all health guarantees (except temperament) buyer has the option to keep or return said dog. We will always accept our dogs back: however, returning said dog is not a requirement to obtain restitution. 

Refunds/ Replacements:


1. Deposits ($200) AKC Packet, shipping/delivery fees, payment and CC fees, are nonrefundable.

2. Refunds will be given within 90 days.

3. Buyer is responsible for all shipping/delivery costs to/from breeder for original dog and replacement.

4. A replacement pup may take up to two (2) yrs. and may not be from the same parents.

As the seller we make every effort to see that all the puppies we place are physically and mentally sound. However, as with all living creatures there are still occasionally defects that are out of our control. Which is why we offer the health and temperament guarantee’s that we do and will stand behind our puppies as listed in this contract.​​

Each puppy is raised in a loving environment with kids, a cat and other dogs and raised to be a wonderful , loving member of the family.


Each puppy has seen our veterinarian at least once before going to its new home and will go to its new home healthy and with a current health certificate.


Each puppy has received appropriate vaccinations and deworming for its age and to supply records to the new owner for continuing care with their veterinarian.

The Seller is here as a resource and contact for the new owners in times of need or to just chat and visit if buyer wants. We are only a phone call away.

What does our guarantee mean?


Our health guarantee means that we have invested allot of time in raising quality puppies, I won't get into all the work required for health testing, hours of genetic research, pedigree research, hours of e-mail, paperwork and phone calls, hours of training and grooming dogs, socializing puppies and cleaning kennels, sore backs and aching muscles, physical and mental stress, just to name a few things we do to make sure each puppy we produce is top quality.


What this also means is that you are assured we put only the healthiest lines and dogs into our breeding program and are very confident that our pups will have no problems for their lifetime, otherwise we would be replacing all the time. So, you can be assured you will get a healthy happy pet for a lifetime. Most breeders guarantee for 1 year (or not at all) but what they don't tell you is that most problems will not show up till later in life and at that point you are on your own as the guarantee has expired. So not only is a pup from us covered under these guarantees but you are also have peace of mind that you should not encounter any problems.

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