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Are You (or can you be) a Good Husky Owner?

Siberian Husky Puppies for sale! Each Puppy Guaranteed for Life and raised with children and a cat.

We are an AKC Siberian Husky breeder who believes in strong health and temperament for the perfect family dog who is great with kids, cats and other dogs.

​Please consider a few things prior to committing, if you have never owned a husky before or even if you have, they can be challenging, but for those who train can be a wonderful member of the family. A few things about the husky, these are the things that can make them difficult.

There are many wonderful characteristics to Siberian Huskies but I am going to focus on the bad here, because if you can not commit to be a good owner and follow through than its best you know it now then after you get a puppy and potentially destroy its life.

They NEED exercise a bare minimum of 60 minutes a day of walking, running, or pulling. However more is always better. If you cannot commit to this, please do not get a husky.

Huskies can be destructive and can become howlers if not properly exercised and trained.


Huskies are heavy shedders that blow coat twice a year. Brush weekly and daily in shedding season.


They can NEVER be off leash or out of a fence without risk of running away, if you MUST have your dog off leash then consider training to and using a GPS collar like the Halo.


You need to commit to be a pack leader, or they will, even a submissive dog will take leadership role if you don't. So many people fall in love with this breed because of their beauty and brains or seen them in a movie as a kid (and who didn't we all fell in love with them at that point) but fail to realize this is a working dog not a golden retriever. They are stubborn and willful but to the right family they are amazing!


You must make sure that you are willing to put the time in to train them as a puppy and continue into adulthood. This breed is a PACK ANIMAL, and they follow a pack hierarchy which means you need to be a pack leader. In my manual I provide training tips and resources to help but you the owner (and your family) must commit to training daily.


Many owners have varied reasons for abandoning their pets. Sometimes the complaint is that the dog is too hyper. Others say their dogs were not trainable. You must understand that a dog is an intelligent species that is not a puppet that will jump to all your commands. You must win his or her respect, confidence, and loyalty to command his or her obedience. For every hyper and un-trainable dog, there is an owner who could not be the effective alpha of the pack (this applies to many breeds, not just the husky)

People especially do not like to hear that they have failed the dog by not training them. So they simply blame it on someone else usually that ends up being the breeder, as it could not possibly be the owner’s fault that they are not pack leader. I may harp on this subject a little bit but even one dog that is returned and not in a happy home due to not being trained as a puppy is stressful for me. Some people think they can easily be a pack leader, but fail to commit or follow through. 


Some even seek out a trainer,(and this is encouraged) but it’s usually one that knows nothing of working dogs or pack leaders. SO please be sure you can and will train your dog (regardless of if it’s a husky or another breed you decide on) and if you seek out a trainer for help Please make sure its a trainer that knows the breed and your problems in training and GET REFERENCES! Its easy to become a dog trainer with a few online courses, not all trainers are equal.

Training, or lack thereof  has become the main issue in recent years and there is nothing more frustrating then raising your sweet pups and finding the right homes and then to hear horror stories later in life. This is usually minor like a one year old still pulls when walking on leash, or jumping on people but there has been a couple where dogs have bitten, usually due to resource guarding (lack of trust and respect with the owner) especially when the owners are blaming me for their dog being aggressive, when what the dog really needs is a pack leader and the owners have failed in that department.


I have owned and bred Siberians for 32 years and never not once have I had an issue with my dogs as I train them but have had a couple returned because the dogs became "to hard", "aggressive" or were "untrainable" Due to these instances I have added this page to the adoption process and my goal is to prevent those issues by first insuring you actually can and will be an effective leader and helping to provide training resources for you to utilize.


Please watch the following videos and be honest with yourself are you a pack leader (Alpha)? if you think you can be a great husky parent then please continue. If not please reconsider the husky breed.

You can especially see how Demon respects (and listens to Jordan) but not to Becky as she is not a leader, and he does not respect her.

The Demon Husky: Diesel | Full Episode | It's Me or The Dog - YouTube

The Demon Husky UPDATED | Full Episode + Commentary | It's Me or the Dog - YouTube





Resource Guarding



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