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Why Buy From Us


1. We guarantee for more 


10 Day 100% Satisfaction! Guarantee (for any reason your not happy, return the pup for a replacement or partial refund)

10 Day Health Guarantee (puppy is guaranteed healthy and disease free)

Lifetime Temperament Guarantee

Lifetime Eye Guarantee

Lifetime Hips/Elbow Guarantee

Lifetime Heart Guarantee

Five Year Hereditary/ Congenital Guarantee (Complete Head to Tail, for anything not listed above)


2. I am a Certified Obedience Instructor and a Certified Groomer and have been breeding dogs since 1994, when you buy one of our pups you get my knowledge and my expertise for any training/problems/questions etc. for the life of the dog.


3. Every pup is raised with my children and cat, as well as socialized with other puppy's and dogs.


4. We strive to produce quality, healthy, and sound, family companions as well as agility, obedience and working prospects.  We do not compromise on anything, each pup is bred for Health/ Temperament/ Longevity to give you the very best dog available.


5. Each puppy is AKC Registrable and comes with the following packet.


6. Most of all I am here if  you need me for anything whatsoever, You can call or e-mail anytime on anything and I will devote my full attention and time to you. Unlike some breeders who once they have your money no longer care or get back to you.


As a Responsible Breeder, we will provide AKC papers, health records, feeding instructions, and a puppy manual. We also will provide a take home packet with collar, lead, toy, blanket and extras. There will also be a sales contract which obligates you to return the dog to the breeder if you cannot continue to care for it at any time during its life, rather than abandoning the dog or placing it in a shelter.

As a Responsible Breeder, we will spend time with you answering your questions and addressing your concerns.


As a Responsible Breeder, we will insist that you spay/neuter your pet puppy with a written contract and limited registration unless you specifically talk to me prior and are approved.


As a Responsible Breeder, we are knowledgeable in the breed and are able to offer you advice for training, socializing, grooming and generally taking care of your puppy, a responsible breeder is a wealth of knowledge with their years of experience and  years of studying their breed, and dog requirements in general. If you choose us as your responsible breeder you will be able to contact us throughout your dogs life for tips, and advice on a multitude of advice.


As a Responsible Breeder, we encourage puppy buyers to go to puppy and obedience classes to help their puppies to become better canine good citizens. The achievement of a Canine Good Citizen certificate is encouraged.


As a Responsible Breeder, we will not sell, supply, donate or surrender any dog to a pet shop, catalogue house, wholesale dealer in dogs, Humane Society, or Shelter or to a laboratory. We also microchip all our puppies to insure none of our puppies end up in these places by buyers.

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